MAKSIKOTELOT > 6 - 8 min



The Dwarfs´Dilemma Whistle While You Work
Pinocchio Comes to Life Monstro the Whale
Dumbo The Flying Elephant Dumbo Makes the Big Top
Bambi and His Friends Bambi and His Friends (2)
Bambi Falls in Love The Three Caballeros
Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby Cinderella´s Surprise Dress
Cinderella´s Fairy Godmother Alice and the White Rabbit
The Mad Tea Party Peter Pan Meets Captain Hook
Prisoners of the Pirates Muzzle Trouble
An Evening with Lady and the Tramp An Evening with Lady and the Tramp (2)
The Prince and the Dragon The Prince and the Dragon (2)
Once Upon a Dream The Dapper Dalmatian
101 Dalmatians Escape Duel of the Wizards
A Most Befuddling Thing Mowgli the Jungle Boy
I Wan´na Be Like You The Aristocats
The Aristocats Meets Scat Cat Robin Hood Rescues Maid Marian
Robin Hood and Little John Robin Hood and Little John (2)
Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
Albatros Airlines The Rescue
The Best of Friends A Test of Courage


The Band Concert The Old Mill
The Ugly Duckling The Ugly Duckling (2)
Three Little Pigs The Tortoise and the Hare
Moving Day Mickey´s Trailer
Lonesome Ghosts Don Donald
The Riveter Bell Boy Donald
Clown of the Jungle Trailer Horn
Donald Duck in the High Andes Donald duck and the Gorilla
Good Scouts Tea for Two Hunred
Soup´s On Trick or Treat
Pluto´s Christmas Tree Pluto´s Christmas Tree (2)
Pluto and the Armadillo Pluto´s Fledgling
Donald and Pluto The Legend of Coyote Rock
No Sail Hawaiian holiday
The Olympic Champ Tiger Trouble
Two Gun Goofy The Small One


Perilous Mission Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest
Monster from Under the Sea Monster from Under the Sea (2)
Zorro - The Well of Death Zorro - The Fox and the Coyote
Kidnapped at Sea Island of Mystery
The Proud Horses of Austria The Hound That Though He Was a Raccoon
Country Coyote Goes Hollywood Niok
Bear Trouble The Super Nanny
Jolly Holiday Herbie The Love Bug
Love Bug #53 Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
The Beautiful Briny The Match of the Century
Pete´s Dragon Pete´s Dragon (2)
The Black Hole * * viimeinen julkaistu 8 mm Disney-elokuva


Disneyland from Dream to Reality Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Disco